Nov’s Wine Club

wine-beer-store-phoenix-nov-wine-club-the-hitsHello, Club Members!

We hope you all have your TurDucken ready! We’ve got your wine covered (or at least the wine you should keep for yourself and away from that crazy uncle who drives in from Ohio wearing cheese scented cologne).

So what would pair well with a Thanksgiving meal? It’s a question we’ve received a few times recently, and with that holiday pairing question anticipated, we picked two wines that will surely deliver an answer. But as we like to say, “I pair my wine with wine”.

Starting with the red:

2011 Régis Bouvier Bourgogne En Montre Cul. Thanks to the likes of Kermit Lynch and his vast portfolio of great wine, we came across an opportunity that we needed to share with you. We found a beautiful red Bourgogne…or as the French call it, Bourgogne. We believe the best news anchor in the world came from this part of France. The first two people to tell us Ron Burgundy’s German meaning for San Diego will get an additional bottle of the red club selection!

Regis Bouvier sources some amazing fruit from a couple of our favorite appellations in Burgundy (Bourgogne and Marsannay). This selection happens to be from Bourgogne! The vines that produce this 100% Pinot Noir come from steep hillside vineyards. This is usually a sign of higher quality wine. The vines struggle a bit more on hillsides with the roots working hard to find a water source whilst picking up influential minerals. The vines can also be influenced positively by smaller micro climates due to what side the slope faces (north, south, east, or west). The sourcing of this fruit is often said to be of the best in Bourgogne. Check out the label on this great wine and you will see how they try to artistically show the steepness of the vineyard. Enjoy!

And on to the white selection:

2009 Zaca Mesa Roussanne. This was a bit of strategic planning on our part, as The Craig visited Zaca Mesa Winery last week and asked the winemakers for a favor: Hello From Zaca Mesa! Roussanne is what we refer to as the red wine drinker’s white wine. It is a white wine that can and will benefit from a bit of aging. So be excited to get to drink an ’09! In fact, while at Zaca Mesa this week, we tasted a 2013 and 2012 Roussanne and agreed that they were too young to drink and needed another few years in bottle. Also, Zaca Mesa will not be distributing the Roussanne anymore as it will be winery only. So we had to buy up the last 20 cases in AZ! This wine will benefit from being served at the right temperature (55-60 degrees) and will also open up as it begins contact with the air. Rich depth and subtle spice. This is a white wine that will warm you up.

Cheers, and enjoy!

Craig & Danielle