Like the tracks not listed on an album liner, Hidden Track Bottle Shop offers wines that extend beyond what you’ll find in chain retail and grocery stores. If it’s on our shelves, we’ve tasted it, we love it, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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About Us

Hidden Track Bottle Shop was inspired by numerous encounters with friends and strangers over a glass of wine, and conversations that asked “Where did you find this wine?” or “Where can I get this bottle?” As we searched for the right space to create our vision, the ideal location for our concept was presented. The 111 West Monroe building in downtown Phoenix was built in the 1960s – the same decade The Beatles introduced the world to the first “hidden track” on an album. This bit of nostalgia, the location of the shop within the lobby, and the revitalization of the building were a perfect match in creating Hidden Track Bottle Shop.

Wine Tastings

The best way to discover which wines you like is to do a little casual research.

Every Wednesday, 4:00pm – 7:00pm




3-5pm MoN – Sat

$1 off any glass of wine
$1 off any “Starters” or “Apps”

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Hidden Track Bottle Shop / Wine Bar Uptown
4700 N 12th Suite 118 (facing 12th St)
Phoenix, AZ 85014



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Wed-Fri: 3-9pm
Sat: 12-9pm