Thanksgiving Wine Guide

T-minus to Turkey Day…

…and we are ready. As we are sure many of you (like us) plan your meal around your wine and not your wine around your meal, we would like to take a quick second to help put you into that wine moment they call Thanksgiving.

First of all, Thanksgiving is a long day no matter which way you braise it. So it is highly recommended to start the day off right with some bubbles. Toast your partner in crime. You know, the one who will be sharing kitchen time with you all day. The real party is in the kitchen, and bubbles should always kick off a party. Our recommendation this year is bubbles from Limoux, France. The monks at St. Hilaire were the first to develop sparkling wine, and had been making it for about 150 years before the region of Champagne started to take off. We recommend you try either Saint Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux or Faire La Fette Cremant de Limoux.

After 10am rolls around and the kitchen is starting to look like a place the dog is going to want to hang out in for the rest of the day, take a look at moving into still wines. It’s time to look at a a light wine with a refreshing quality. One that will hold up to the oven and the stove top cranking out high levels of BTUs. Time for a Sauvignon Blanc. And why not thank the region of Sancerre by drinking an elegant example of SB? We recommend you try either Domaine Serge Laport “Les Boursicottes” Sancerre or Eric Montintin Sancerre.

As the afternoon is welcomed in, filling your home with a hunger inducing bouquet of root vegetables, herbs, and a turkey cooking to crispy perfection, you can start to feel that everything is coming together. Enjoy the moment while you can, and pop open a red wine to will pair with that moment. We recommend a nice Pinot Noir. Perhaps a Dominio IV from Wilamette Valley, OR, or an Anthill Farms Sonoma Coast PN.

Voilà! The meal is ready – time to sit, eat, and drink with family and friends. Brotte Condrieau and Finca Museum Numerus Claususwill be on our table this year.

These are just our selections. Remember wine is of the moment and a part of the moment.  Enjoy whatever wine you choose and the occasion you will be sharing this Thanksgiving!

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