May’s Wine Club

May Wine Club Selections Are Here!

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We found out that many of you were very fond of the Brian Benson Kandy Red from last month, so let us start out with… Glad you liked it! And when you get a chance, check out some of his other selections in the shop. We brought in Tryst, Rapid Roy, and Neapolitan Pussycat! Pretty fun labels as well.

So this month was a fun one for us and has led to a couple of firsts (again!). One is that this month showcases two wines that are sealed with a screw cap, or “Stelvin” closure. Another first is that we found a killer wine from South Africa!

Wait… Did we say “screw cap”? Why yes, we did. The screw cap is becoming increasingly popular with winemakers around the world, and it’s an option that we tend to prefer more and more. The quality of the wine is not impacted by a screw cap, rather it is further protected by eliminating the damage that cork enclosures can introduce, such as oxidation and cork taint. And since most wine produced is made to be consumed within five years, the screw cap is an excellent way to ensure that when you purchase your favorite wine and take it home, you’re less likely to find disappointing flaws!

We actually have another first for this month’s selections. However, we see this one as a “meant to be,” as we have showcased a few varietals of like manner, e.g. Viognier and a Roussanne – both noble white varietals from the Rhône Valley. Both delivered great feedback, and therefore more presence in the shop. So when we came across a Marsanne, we were very intrigued. Marsanne is, depending on who you ask, the second or third most notable white Rhône varietal. Typically blended with Roussanne to deliver a romantic alternative to a Chardonnay, or a wine pairing that is often stared at after a first sip because it is that interesting! What we are trying to say is, get to know the Rhône varietals and let us help you have fun doing it!

And this month’s selections are:

Cass Winery Marsanne
Get it while you can as they only make 400 cases of this each vintage! Cass is a beautiful vineyard/winery located close to the Templeton Gap, which is a bit southeast of Paso Robles. The vineyard sits up a little higher in elevation than much of Paso. (Remember what we say about elevation!) Cass concentrates mostly on Rhône varietals and, in our opinion, they crush it with the Marsanne! Enjoy this big white wine with a sunset or for Sunday brunch!

Tokara Shiraz

We have been fortunate enough to wonder around Australia, sipping beautiful Shiraz while kangaroos hopped about in vineyards… Which would be a show stopper in most conversations about interesting experiences in vineyards. Until you see pictures of Tokara Vineyard located in Stellenbosch, South Africa. When we met a representative of the winery, we were very impressed with the wine and thanked him for not bringing us a Pinotage (ask us and we will fill you in). And as we started talking about the wines, we asked about the way the vineyard faced. So the rep said that he had some pictures and could show us. We soon forgot our questions as he showed us the “common” visitors to the vineyard. Lions, baboons, warthogs, leopards… Sorry kangaroos, not as cool as a lion! This winery is one of the most scenically beautiful wineries we have ever seen, and hope to one day visit in person! Please enjoy their Shiraz, and take note of the distinct difference between this version and what Australia has to offer.

Cheers, and see you soon!

Danielle & Craig