March’s Wine Club

wine-beer-store-phoenix-march-wine-club-michael-pierceMarch’s Club Wine Is Here!

2 turntables and a Cotes du Rhone! March wine club wines are in, and what could have been a better way to kick them off than to see Beck perform last weekend at McDowell Mountain Music Festival. Those who know…know!

And what fun selections this month. Actually, this month holds a selection that we have been waiting to use since we opened last summer. So it’s almost a year in the making!

Last year, before we opened, we set out on a mission to find AZ wines that showcased varietal correctness while demonstrating notes of our AZ terroir at reasonable prices. We hit up a couple of wineries and were not impressed (we’re too classy to name names, of course!). Then we hit up a few more tasting rooms and found a couple of wines that were good, but sourced from CA. We were about to call it a wrap when we decided to make one last stop at Four Eight Wineworks in Clarkdale. Four Eight is a Co-op for AZ winemakers. It showcases a numerous AZ wines that are also marketed through their wine bar. It was here that we came across a Viognier from Saeculum Cellars and a white blend from Bodega Pierce. Both wines made us look at each other, smile, and proclaim that there is hope for AZ wine in our shop after all! We then found out that both wines were made by the same winemaker, Michael Pierce. So who is this dude and how does he pull off making great wine from grapes grown in AZ? Well, it just so happens that his talent was also recognized by Yavappi College, where he is the Director on Enology (AKA the study of wine).

Michael’s father owns and cultivates just over 25 vineyard acres in Wilcox, AZ. Which means Michael is able to pull from his vast experience and knowledge to collectively work with his father to produce some of, if not the best, grapes in AZ.

And March’s selections are…

Bodega Pierce “Pandora”
Our first AZ wine offered in the wine club! This is such an exciting feature for us, to be able to share a wine that made us believe in AZ wine! And the wine was delivered to us by Michael Pierce himself! Pretty rare circumstance to have a winemaker personally deliver their product, so we captured the moment by forcing the humble and reserved Michael to pose for the photo above! This selection is a blend of Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, and Malvasia Bianca. Rich notes of citrus with a tropical mid palate and finish. When we first tasted this wine, it was so good that we thought it was sourced from Southern California. We’re proud that AZ can produce wines of this quality!

Coto De Hayas “Fagus” Old Vine Garnacha

This selection comes from the DO (Denominacion De Origen) Campo De Borja. Located in the NE part of Spain where Garnacha (Grenache) is produced with authority, and this selection is no exception! The grapes are sourced with care from 50 year old vines. This wine is also unfiltered and unfined, which is awesome! Enjoy this deep, dark, rich Garnacha with whatever you are eating, or just on its own. Spain keeps offering such amazing wines at incredible price points that it is making it difficult for us to keep from featuring these gorgeous wines!


Danielle & Craig