March’s Wine Club

“March”ing along in 2017 has been fun so far…

We continue to be offered and/or find interesting selections to consider for the club. In fact, one of the offerings for March was inspired from an idea that came to us nearly a year ago when we were in Oregon. Took a couple months but we finally found what we were looking for!

Since we are “hidden” away inside the lobby of a building, we often don’t get outside to gauge the weather. However, we have become very good at figuring out weather patterns via the change in wines that people are buying. This time of year starts to bring on the “outdoor” drinking wines. And that means a transition into Rosé and white wine with diverse characteristics. Perfect options to enjoy our great weather for just a bit longer, if you know what we mean.

Some of our favorite patio sippers are the diversely textured wines of Germany, Austria, and France. The white wines that come from these regions can turn a red wine drinker into a fan of white wine with ease. Take for instance the wines coming from Alsace, France – predominantly white varietals of varying complexity, and known primarily for the region’s display of balanced mineral notes and refreshing nature. Alsace has many interesting varietals to offer. In fact, the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) is the only AOC to label according to varietal, which makes finding your Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc, or Auxerrois for the patio pretty easy!

And this month’s club selections are…

EagleStone Cuvee Red 2013, Napa, CA

Every now and then we throw our arms up and shake our heads at the continuously rising price of wines from Napa. That and the fight to make an impact amongst the rising prices by increasing the alcohol levels or displaying bigger and bigger fruit notes to gain recognition with consumers. BUT on occasion we come across a Napa producer that puts together a balanced, high quality product and agrees to support a one time price for our Wine Club. And there you have it, we are able to throw in a great drinking Napa blend of Cab, Zin, Merlot, and Petit Sirah that is under 14% ABV! EagleStone honors the bald eagle on its label, just as the indigenous tribes that were first to the Napa region did in petroglyphs. And just as the eagle soars high above with a watchful eye, so does EagleStone Winery in constant search for great fruit sources!

Adelsheim Vineyards Auxerrois 2014, Ribbon Ridge, Willamette Valley, OR

Nearly a year ago we were in Oregon and walked through rows and rows of Pinot Noir vitis vinifera. We made a stop at Bjornson Vineyards, and on top of one hill we came across a couple rows of Auxerrois. We looked at each other and both agreed it would be pretty cool to offer some Auxerrois in our club. Not actually thinking it possible since very little is planted, we put the thought aside… Until a few months ago! We had a visitor stop in from Adelsheim Vineyards, and we tasted through some of his wines that are Available in AZ. He then noticed some of our vine clippings from his neck of the woods in the Willamette Valley and mentioned that he has some Auxerrois available if we like those weird/different varietals. We told him about our club, samples were arranged, and voilà! We have some Auxerrois to share! Auxerrois of origin is from Alsace, France (Germany and Austria could make claims as well). There are some distinctions of Auxerrois Blanc and Aexerrois Gris that need to be paid attention to as the Blanc from certain regions of France is actually Chardonnay and the Gris is actually Pinot Gris. And in the Cahors region, Auxerrois can mean Malbec. This month’s Auxerrois is an example of a few clones brought to Oregon from Alsace and is most closely related to Pinot Blanc. Beautiful notes of citrus and lower pronunciation of acid.


Craig & Danielle