Ktima Ligas Arrival

Domaine Ktima Ligas was a discovery that we made when we were in Athens, Greece two years ago. We were at a fantastic wine bar called Herteroclito Cave & Bar a Vin. There was a grand sense of community and celebration of wine, cheese, and olives, and not a seat available in this tiny wine bar. We were welcomed in and made room at the bar and conversations started with the staff and fellow patrons. A glass of wine was poured for the couple sitting next to us. The wine poured out and was the color of rosé but leaned towards a rustic orange highlight. It was cloudy and developed into a vision of a desired palatable experience. We asked what it was, or rather said, “Can we get that?” The bartender smiled and began to tell us about the wine as we were now in on a secret. We had a bottle at the bar with cheese and bread and the harmony of a wine cave packed with patrons in lively conversations. Bottle two showed up shortly thereafter and we were completely mystified by the fact that we were in Athens, steps away from the Acropolis, viewing the glow of the Parthenon at night in the most welcoming wine cave, drinking the most amazing Greek wine.